Paracuru is a place in Brazil that is still very well preserved and a huge number of natural attractions offer a variety of sites that permanently attract its visitors.
Moreover you can discover coconut plantations as well as many lagoons and dunes around this very nice town.

This little town is very well organised. It has a hospital that is open to all, many markets, schools, banks, a post office, all sorts of stores as well as a station which can take you by bus to Fortaleza in two hours through the road of Sunset's Coast.

The many markets of the place offer the possibility to feed you of fresh products such as fruit and vegetables as well as a few fish and poultry, every day of the week.

The drugstores and groceries are generally open until 10pm.

You will appreciate the delicious typical local dishes (bier poured on crabs, fish, lobster) in the many restaurants of the town. Or be tempted by an improvised beef or chicken churrascaria brochette.

In the evening you can relax in one of the bars along the beech, while appreciating the beautiful sunset and eating a caipirinha with the sound of the regional populair music -the “forró”- in the background.

Paracuru is located at less than 100km from Fortaleza, the first city and its “strategic point” the airport

It’s a very quiet and friendly small town town at the seaside. The inhabitants have a tropical lifestyle all year round.

From a geographical point of view, Paracuru is in the North-East of Brazil in the State of Ceara.
Paracuru is the ideal place to practice Kitesurf, sunbath, drive around the dunes in a buggy, and relax.

Paracuru from the sky

At this latitude the air temperature has an average of 29° and the water about 26°, the strong cool wind blows from August till end of March, all that is needed for kitesurf.

How to get there?

Daily flight Geneva-> Lisbon -> Fortaleza.
Geneva - Lisbon:       2 hours
Transit:                      1 hour
Lisbon - Fortaleza:   7 hours
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